Back on the Block

Back on the Block

Used vehicles are selling at a premium and we want to help you CASH IN. For 2 days only LIVE FROM OUR SHOWROOM, we will auction your vehicle to over 6,000 ready to buy bidders. Take the deal and use the FULL WINNING BID towards your All NEW TOYOTA. With Red Tag Days on NOW it’s never been a better time to buy a car and with the Charlesglen Toyota BACK ON THE BLOCK weekend Auction it’s NEVER been a better time to sell.

How It Works

This event is a 2-Day in store offer but the deals start NOW with Toyota Red Tag Days. Customers are welcome to stop by to choose their new vehicle and test drive before the event. September 18th or September 19th your trade in vehicile will be auctioned live in store.

Step 1

Click, Call or Visit in store to shop for your new Charlesglen Toyota.

Step 2

Bring in your trade- in vehicle on September 18th or September 19th only.

Step 3

Watch live in store while your trade-in vehicle is sold at our online auction. You will receive FULL AMOUNT towards your new vehicle purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I only shop on Friday and Saturday?

NO! You are welcome to shop for your new vehicle at a time convenient for you and our online showroom is always available HERE. Please contact your Product Advisor today! We are happy to provide you with your deal and take deposit pending your trade-in amount.


What if I don't like the price of my trade?

This online auction is subject to seller approval. If you change your mind on your trade simply let your Product Advisor know. This is intended to be a low pressure appraisal option to get you PREMIUM RATES for your Trade. It does not mean you have to take the deal.


Who is buying my car?

We have partnered with EBlock Canada's largest online dealer to dealer auction to allow over 6,000 dealers to bid on your vehicle. As we are always looking for quality cars for our Used Vehicle inventory, we might just be one of the dealers bidding.