Why Do You Need Engine Oil Replacement?

a technician checking engine oil of a Toyota car
Undoubtedly, the engine is the heart of your car, and your active role in its maintenance is significant for getting the most out of your vehicle. If the engine is the heart, then engine oil has to be the lifeblood that ensures every component and part of your Toyota performs optimally. Engine oil is responsible for lubricating all the parts in the powertrain system and preventing wear from rigorous operation while maintaining the proper functionality of the engine. Considering that, it’s your responsibility to ensure your Toyota engine oil is replaced routinely, making sure it is free of contaminants and deposits which affect the vehicle’s overall performance. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of routine engine oil replacement from our experts at Charlesglen Toyota. 

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Why is Engine Oil Replacement Important?

Engine oil ensures that the engine and its components work continuously and smoothly. Moreover, it reduces friction by preventing the mechanical parts from rubbing or brushing with one another, which can result in engine overheating and severe part damage. Over time, the engine oil becomes sludgy and fails to lubricate the powertrain system, consequently affecting the overall health and performance of your vehicle. If not replaced regularly, this can lead to reduced engine power and even engine failure, which can be costly to repair. Moreover, regular engine oil replacement ensures that your Toyota’s engine remains clean, cool, and well-lubricated, leading to improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and extended engine life. 

When to Get an Engine Oil Change? 

The experienced technicians at Charlesglen Toyota strongly recommend getting an oil flush once every three months or as soon as you cover 6,000 to 8,000 kilometres. If you regularly drive through challenging terrain or long routes, you should get engine oil replacement frequently to enjoy better fuel economy and higher mileage. The impact of engine oil replacement on your vehicle’s performance is significant, and we encourage you to take this service seriously. If you still have doubts about when to get an oil change, please refer to the owner’s manual, as it will have the proper information about oil changes for the make and model of your Toyota. 

Book an Engine Oil Replacement Service at Charlesglen Toyota

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