Trade Rev

Trade In and Stay Home, Calgary (AB)

The traditional trade-in process can be lengthy and involve negotiating, waiting and most of all uncertainty. At Charlesglen Toyota we have partnered with Trade Rev to provide you with a revolutionary vehicle appraisal all from the comfort of your home. We will save you a trip to the dealership and provide you with industry leading accuracy on your trade in value.


Highest Prices for your Appraisal

Charlesglen Toyota Used Vehicle Management will assess your vehicle trade and provide you with the best possible price for your vehicle before you drive to the dealership.

Sell to the Charlesglen Network

In the event our Charlesglen Toyota trade in offer does not meet your expectations for price, we will auction your vehicle for you within our North American Dealer Network which may provide you with an even higher market value which you can use towards your next vehicle purchase at Charlesglen Toyota.

Cash for Cars

We understand that not every vehicle owner is looking to trade. Our experts will work with you to skip the private sales and lists and move your vehicle for CASH.

Online Form

Complete the Online Contact Form Below to request your personal Trade Rev Link. 

Snap Your Photos

The user friendly link will give you step by step instructions on how to send your photos and information.

Cash for Cars

Your dedicated Product Advisor will work with you to provide you accurate pricing your your vehicle sale or trade.

*Final appraisals are subject to dealer inspection. Trade Rev is designed to provide you the MOST ACCURATE appraisal value and allow for highest possible rates.