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Sunday,1 November, 2015

Toyota Transport Given Environmental Award

toyota transportToyota has made no secret over the years that it wants to be the greenest auto brand in the world, and it has made that point very clear through its manufacturing of the best-selling hybrid vehicle in history and by manufacturing vehicles in a way that has won awards for its environmentally-safe processes. When considering which auto brands are, in fact, the greenest, the vehicles and the manufacturing process are the two criteria by which companies are most often judged. There is, however, one more area that often gets overlooked: delivery.

We've all been driving on the highway and seen the semi trucks hauling two-tier deliveries of vehicles, sometimes covered in tarps to protect from the elements, but those deliveries aren't all created equally. Toyota Transport, the branch of the organization if charge of getting new Toyota models to dealerships all over the continent, is so efficient in its deliveries that it recently was given a SmartWay Excellence Award from the EPA.

The accolade recognizes Toyota for being among the top 1% of SmartWay partners in terms of providing top-notch environmental performance. Basically that means Toyota deliveries are smart on fuel consumption, efficient in their routes and quick to serve. We here at Charlesglen Toyota, though a Canadian dealership, benefit from those same company-wide tactics and are thrilled to serve as a Toyota dealer knowing how much the parent company cares about the environment.

"Toyota Transport is committed to reducing its environmental impact," said Kirk Welch, senior analyst, Toyota Transport compliance. "We are honored to accept this award and look forward to continually improving and continually exceeding SmartWay's expectations."

These tactics save the company money, the environment pollution and our customers time. Those are precisely the sorts things that deserve recognition, and we're thrilled to see that's exactly what they got.