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Friday,27 May, 2016

Earn Aeroplan Miles At Charlesglen Toyota!

We all are told over and over in our lives that nothing of real value comes for free. If you want the big house, the nice car, or the in-ground pool in your backyard, you have to work for it. We're taught that this is just how things are, but here at Charlesglen Toyota we've got one simple life hack that absolutely will allow you to get your mitts on some great free stuff, and while it's not technically in exchange for nothing, it's pretty close to it.

Allow us to explain: Air Canada has a great program that allows their frequent fliers to rack up what they call Aeroplan Miles every time they purchase a flight, and those mile can be redeemed for a number of really great things, including gift cards to restaurants, clothes, entertainment events, merchandise, and, of course, free flights. In a way, these things are free because they come as a result of these fliers doing things they already were going to do anyway.

So what does this have to do with Charlesglen Toyota? Well, Toyota has a cross-promotion in place with Air Canada that allows us to dole out tens of thousands of free Aeroplan points for buying or even test-driving a new Toyota vehicle.

If you were going to come in and check out, say, a 2016 Toyota RAV4, Toyota Corolla, or Toyota Camry anyway, you could do so now and get 250 Aeroplan Miles for free! If you actually purchase a new Toyota vehicle, you could earn up to 25,000 more of them, with MSRP bonuses that hand out a bigger number of these points for the more elite models in the lineup. Here in Calgary, Toyota trucks and SUVs are especially popular, and since those cost more, they earn more Aeroplan Miles.

While nobody in Okotoks is buying a car just to get the Aeroplan Miles, we think it's nice that those who were going to buy one anyway can get something for nothing. It is possible, after all.