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Saturday,14 May, 2016

Toyota Tundra Tops 1,000,000 Miles

These days we hear all about how amazing it is when an automobile rolls over to 200,000 miles, and in fact there are several types of vehicles, especially Toyota trucks, that have been known to regularly hit 300,000 miles, an even more impressive number. Of course, when it comes to some of these models, those figures are baby stuff. Occasionally, a model can roll over to a million miles, a phenomenon that Toyota recently explored in a case study of Victor Sheppard, a Louisiana man that owns such a hard-nosed and long-lasting model.

The 2016 Toyota Tundra is a model of modern automotive engineering, but Sheppard was savvy enough to purchase what appears to be the single most durable 2007 model year version of the truck in existence. It was one of the first of its kind to be manufactured in Texas ahead of that year, meaning Sheppard has put on about 125,000 miles a year for the duration of his ownership experience. There are those that don't put on that many miles in seven full years of ownership, but Sheppard has a job that requires he drive from his home to North Dakota, Wyoming, and Virginia. It's hard not to accrue miles with routes like that.

What makes this particular model so impressive is the fact that much of the truck is still original. Most models that make it that deep into their lives have had a significant number of replacements, but not this one. If ever there was a paradigm for craftsmanship, this would be it. Toyota trucks are built to last, and this is a model that proves it. Canmore shoppers interested in a new truck would be wise to look at one of those sold here at Charlesglen Toyota. Maybe you'll go a million miles, too.