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Toyota Genuine Accessories

Whether you want to personalize your vehicle, better equip it for the outdoors or just make your drive that much more convenient, Toyota accessories are specifically designed to help improve your vehicle! Not only have these genuine Toyota accessories been built specifically for your Toyota, whether it’s a RAV4, Tacoma or anything in between, but they’re also designed to perfectly integrate into your vehicle’s systems and hold-up to tough work and long-term wear. Our incredibly skilled accessories & parts team here at Charlesglen Toyota is here to install your favourite accessory, and outfit your Toyota like few others out on our Calgary roads! Explore below and learn all about why our Toyota genuine accessories are so special, some highlighted options and how to buy your own now!

Why Toyota Genuine Accessories?

Every step of the way, from design to production to purchasing to installation to warranty, we ensure that every part of an accessory’s journey from being built to being equipped on your Toyota is done with the highest standard of quality that you can trust in. Below are a few highlights that outline why choosing Toyota OEM accessories for your vehicle is the correct and only choice.
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Custom Technology:

Our design and production team only utilizes the latest technology to make sure that each accessory is specifically built to the specifications of your Toyota vehicle.
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Toyota Quality Standard:

Every supplier and manufacturer must adhere to the strict Toyota quality standard in order to be eligible to produce and supply accessories for your vehicle.
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Comprehensive Testing:

Our accessories aren’t just built and then sent off for you to buy. They’re evaluated extensively, through rigorous tests of their mettle, ensuring that they are both dependable and reliable for years to come, and under harsh conditions.
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Factory-Trained Technician Installation:

Our accessories and parts technicians here at Charlesglen Toyota are factory-trained, which means they know the ins and outs of your Toyota and can install your accessory exactly how it should be, with the best in tools and systems at their disposal.
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Integrate Into Payments:

Once you buy an accessory, you’re given the option to integrate its costs into your vehicle payments, in order for you to pay it off over a longer term, so you aren’t faced with a large up-front cost.
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Each and every Toyota accessory comes with a Toyota warranty, giving you peace-of-mind that if something should happen with your accessory that you’ll be covered.

Accessory Highlights

TRD Accessories

TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development, our special racing division that lets you upgrade certain Toyota models like the Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner, Sequoia and Camry with TRD packages that add on even more sport style and utility. With sport and performance vehicles comes a host of available accessories and products to add, whether it’s a performance air intake, dual exhaust, Pro Shift knob or even a TRD-forged aluminum oil cap. Equip your TRD Toyota vehicle with the best in TRD accessories that focus on style, performance and handling.


This new section of Toyota accessories is basically tailor-made for our Alberta life. It’s all about accessories that’ll get your vehicle started quick and easy with a smooth start during the cold winter months. When the temperature dips far below freezing, and we know how often that happens here, take advantage of these cold weather features.
Side view of Toyota graphic with engine block heater

Engine Block Heater:

Plug your vehicle in overnight, or for a few hours, to a nearby power source to ensure your Toyota gets a clean and easy start.
Side view of Toyota graphic with battery

Battery Trickle Charger:

Parking your Toyota for an extended period of time? This battery trickle charger will keep your battery charged at an optimal level for a long time.
Side view of Toyota graphic with thermometer

Cabin Warmer:

Your vehicle may have started, but it’s tough to drive in a freezing cabin, so take advantage of the cabin warmer. No idling required, you’ll get a warm cabin and supreme comfort.
Side view of Toyota graphic with smartphone

Mobile App:

Your phone is most often in your hands anyways, so use it to prep your vehicle with its temperature and monitor its battery status, so you can always stay on top of things even when you’re not around it. A Bluetooth Hub is required.

Featured Popular Accessories

These are popular accessories for a reason, because people love them and they provide incredible added utility out of your vehicle. If you’re interested in what others love to accessorize their Toyota with, take a look at these highlighted options.
Toyota Genuine Dash Camera with accessories graphics behind it

Toyota Genuine Dash Camera:

Record video and audio of your drive in crisp 1080p, and review it back. Great for accident recording, parking surveillance, off-roading and more!

Toyota Start+ remote start with dashboard in the background

Toyota START+:

Start your Toyota from afar with this long range remote engine starter. On that next cold Calgary winter morning, start your Toyota and get it prepped for your comfort.

Close-up of towing hitch

Towing Hitch:

Each towing hitch has been designed specifically for your model, to achieve the best and most safe tow rating. Its e-coat and powder coat helps prevent rust and corrosion.

Tonneau cover on Tundra

Tonneau Cover:

Add a little versatility to your pickup with a tonneau cover, backed by a 3-year/60,000 km warranty.

Pro Series paint protection film being applied

Pro Series Paint Protection Film:

Protect your vehicle out on the road from bugs, debris, scratching, weathering and sun rays with our 3M Pro Series Genuine Toyota Paint Protection film. Durable and made from invisible thermoplastic urethane, it protects and can hardly be seen.

Accessory Buying Tool

You’ve heard about these great Toyota accessories and want to buy some, or maybe just want to see what’s available for your Toyota but don’t know where to look. Luckily for you we have a handy online accessory tool that lets you easily explore our catalog of accessories. Just select your model, year and trim and take a look at all the accessories available for your Toyota. From there you can learn more about each accessory, view its price and add it to your cart if you’d like to purchase. Our handy tool also contains our winter, all-season and summer tire options for you to browse as well. Take some time and search for the next perfect accessory to complement your Toyota!

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