4 Reasons to Switch to Winter Windshield Wipers

Toyota windshield wiper

There’s plenty of ways to get your vehicle ready for winter, and while your mind might first automatically go to swapping out your tires (which you should) there’s another underrated addition to your vehicle for the cold months. Just like there’s tires specifically made for winter driving, so are there windshield wipers designed for the same thing. If you assume that they’re not worth it and your regular set is good enough, we have 4 reasons why you might want to reconsider and outfit your vehicle with a quality set of winter windshield wipers.

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1. They’re Built for Cold Temperatures

First things first, winter windshield wipers are specifically designed for the cold weather. Your traditional wipers are made with generic rubber that’s good for most ranges of temperature, but when it gets to the extreme like Calgary winters can deliver, they just can’t compete. Freezing cold means brittle material, but our Toyota winter windshield wipers are built from high-strength material, softer rubber for the blades, and use less parts. This all adds up to your winter wipers easily being able to break through and clear off that pesky build-up of snow and ice after a big snowstorm.

2. A Clearer View Through Your Windshield

This point may seem obvious, but as drivers we’re quick to adapt and your dirty windshield may soon just seem like the norm to you when it could actually be a lot clearer. It doesn’t matter how much snow, ice or salt gets caked on your windshield, winter wipers are strong enough to clear it all off, and won’t leave major spots of residue that traditional wipers can only partially clear. Drive with confidence knowing you’ll have a clear view all the time thanks to winter windshield wipers.

RAV4 driving through snow

3. They Feature Spoilers that Push Away Snow & Ice

Winter windshield wipers have a special bit of tech of their own in the form of spoilers. The spoilers on our Toyota windshield wipers act in two main ways to help these wipers outperform traditional options. These spoilers take advantage of your vehicle’s airflow and use it to push firmly on your windshield for stable and close contact. Secondly, these spoilers help to clear large amounts of snow and ice that accumulates, and does so with ease.

4. Advanced Durability in Extreme Conditions

Those spoilers as we mentioned above aren’t just a cheap piece of material, they’re made from a high-grade synthetic blend that is both flexible and durable to stand up to the harshest winter conditions. The spoilers on winter windshield wipers are representative of the entire wiper, in that they’ve been made with the best materials to ensure not only can they stand up to the cold, but are also strong enough to clear off heavy amounts of snow, ice and grime, day in and day out, over months of cold weather that Alberta winters always deliver.

Interested in getting a pair of winter windshield wipers for your Toyota and be fully prepared for the cold season ahead? Get in touch with us here at Charlesglen Toyota and our parts department will help you find the right set, then our service department will install them for you!