Cupcake Celebrations: June 2024

June has been a whirlwind of exciting events, from the bustling Calgary Stampede kick-off to the vibrant festivities of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The city came alive with cultural showcases, and live music performances that captured the essence of Calgary’s heritage. Families and friends gathered at Prince’s Island Park for the annual TD Calgary International Jazz Festival, where the air was filled with soulful melodies and rhythmic beats. Throughout the month, art exhibitions and food festivals dotted the cityscape, celebrating diversity and creativity. June in Calgary was a time of community spirit, where residents and visitors alike came together to revel in the rich tapestry of events that make this city so dynamic and inviting. Calgary’s car enthusiasts and the local car community came together for Steel Dreamz at the beginning of the month to show some love and support for Youth Centres of Calgary. And we’ve seen Calgarians band together in times of hardship like this month’s water crisis. These are huge reasons to celebrate! We wanted to end the month with a throw back to what we’ve celebrated this June.

1 – Steel Dreamz Show N’ Shine
3 – Cochrane Cobras
4 – Cheese Day
5 – Gingerbread Day
6 – Yo-Yo Day
7 – Donut Day
8 – Best Friends Day
10 – 5th Anniversary of Alberta’s Celebration Destination rebrand
11 – Forklift Safety
12 – Jerky day
13 – Kitchen Klutz’s Day
14 – Strawberry shortcake Day
15 – Nature photography Day
17 – Mascot Day
18 – Go Fishing Day
19 – Juneteenth
20 – Summer solstice
21 – Bring your dog to work Day
22 – HVAC technician’s Day
24 – Patch Day
25 – Stanley Cup Winners
26 – Vitiligo Day / GR’s birthday
27 – Sunglasses Day
28 – Insurance Awareness Day
29- Camera Day