Frequently Asked Questions

We are starting a new blog series centered on frequently asked questions that our customers ask when they come in for Service, to see our Parts Department or when they come in looking for a New or Used vehicle! We want to be your trusted source for all things automotive.

This week we bring you a series of frequently asked questions from our Service Department. Do you have a question for our Service experts? Send it to us by emailing

Q- What is my Auto Rewards Account Balance?

A-Click here to check your AutoRewards Account Balance

Q-My Check Engine Light Came On what should I do?

A-One of the most common causes of the check engine light is an improperly secured gas cap. When a customer contacts us with a check engine light on we start by recommending they check their gas cap. If this doesn’t solve the problem you will need to contact our service department to book an appointment.

Q-Help I can’t find the key to my locking wheel nut.

A-Our Toyota Certified Technicians have a universal key that we use during service and we don’t use the key from your vehicle. The key is commonly stored with the spare tire, in the glove box or the center console. If you can’t find your specific key our Parts Department may be able to help.

Q-How much is an oil change?

A-The price can vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Our oil changes start at $54.95 plus tax to get your quote on services contact our specialists today 403-241-0889.

Q-I had my winter tires put on and I have a low tire light, what should I do?

A-Not all winter tires are equipped with tire pressure sensors. If you do not have a separate set of sensors then this light will remain on for the season. If your light is on, and you have a separate set of sensors, please check your pressure and contact the dealer.

Q-I have a problem with my vehicle is it covered under warranty?

A-Unfortunately we cannot diagnose a vehicle, or determine warranty, over the phone. Please contact a Service Appointment Coordinator at 403-241-0889 to schedule an appointment to diagnose your vehicle and determine coverages.

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