How to choose a vehicle for a new teen driver

Your teen is ready to drive, congratulations!…Or are you slightly nervous? Fear not, brave parent! We have the ultimate guide of what you should consider when shopping for a new vehicle for your teen driver:

  1. Safety! First and foremost, you will want to look for a vehicle manufacturer that has a strong reputation for building safe vehicles. Consider the number of air bags, including side and curtain air bags, safety systems installed on the vehicle like Toyota Safety Sense, technology like blind spot monitors and rear cross traffic alerts.
  2. If you are looking at a Used vehicle for your teen, be sure to shop with a reputable dealer. Privately sold vehicles are on a “buyer beware” system and any issues with the vehicle may not always be disclosed through a private seller. Always ask for a CarProof report to look at the vehicle history to see if the vehicle has been in any accidents or had any insurance claims against it. Reputable dealerships will have a CarProof report available for all of their Used vehicles. Another factor to consider with a Used vehicle is the number of owners that the vehicle has had, mileage, condition of the tires, and the available service records for the vehicle. Has the vehicle been serviced on a regular basis for regular maintenance? If not, this can cause big and expensive problems for the vehicle down the road.
  3. Fuel efficiency! If your teen will be commuting a long way to school, university or a job the fuel efficiency of a vehicle can be a big consideration for some families. Do your research on several makes and models before purchasing.
  4. Avoid vehicles that have a sporty/performance image as these can encourage teen drivers to test the limits of the vehicle. Large SUV’s and pick up trucks have a higher chance of a roll over accident than mid and full size passenger cars.
  5. Consider adding in extra rules for your teen driver, such as no more than one passenger in the vehicle at a time. Statistics show that teen drivers with multiple teen passengers are twice as likely to be in a crash as alcohol impaired drivers. Other rules to consider are that cell phone use is prohibited while in the vehicle, as well as a curfew of when they can be driving. Alberta Graduated Driver Licensing program does dictate certain rules for teen drivers and parents should consider these when their teen starts driving on a regular basis.

Getting a vehicle for your teen driver can be nerve wracking at the very least, and we encourage all parents to come visit us in Calgary’s Northwest Auto Mall if they are considering getting their teen driver a vehicle. Our team is well versed in what parents should consider for their teen and we have an incredible selection of New and Used vehicles on our lot for your consideration.