5 Ways We Make Selling Your Car Simple

Toy car in hand being exchanged with keys in front of dealership

Selling your car can often be a pain, where you just want to get your money and move on, but where it can unknowingly extend on without an end in sight, and leave you with the lion’s share of work to be done. Leave behind the hassles of selling your vehicle privately, and come experience a top tier dealership selling process here at Charlesglen Toyota! We buy used cars, and are always looking to expand our inventory. Not only do we have decades of experience selling cars, but also buying cars as well, where we make the entire process as simple as can be. Sell your vehicle to Charlesglen Toyota and be treated to a quick & easy process dealing with seasoned experts, who will take care of all the fine details and help you toward your next vehicle if you so choose. Read on and learn why we make selling your car so easy here at Charlesglen Toyota.


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1. Quick & Easy Process

Selling privately means the onus is entirely on you to not only put up a listing, but follow through with it in terms of meetings, dealing with those who may not actually be serious buyers, meeting up with strangers, coordinating a deal, handling all of the paperwork and more. That’s a lot, and which can extend for a long period of time if you can’t find the right buyer, and which is all left for you to execute, and that’s outside of your regular work/school/family commitments. At Charlesglen Toyota we’ll happily take all of that on for you, and streamline it into a quick process that will have your vehicle sold to us and you returning home with money in hand.


Toyota member checking oil under hood of vehicle

2. Deal with Trained & Seasoned Experts

We’re able to provide such a quick and easy selling process because we’ve been doing this for such a long time, and employ trained and certified experts who have years of experience assisting people just like you. From a variety of makes & models and their resulting conditions, to a wide swath of financial backgrounds, we’ve seen it all in our years, and can get you a fair price for your vehicle, all in an expedient timeframe. Skip having to hop around the city trying to get your car sold, and come to our safe and clean dealership for an all-in-one comprehensive experience from the pros.


3. We Take all Makes & Models

We may be a Toyota dealership by name but that doesn’t mean we’re only interested in Toyota vehicles. Not at all, we happily take all makes & models! Our prime desire when buying used cars isn’t a specific brand or model, but rather focused on quality. So, just because you don’t drive a Toyota doesn’t mean we won’t be interested in your vehicle, quite the opposite, inquire today and let us welcome your vehicle into our dealership.


Person about to sign signature

4. We’ll Handle all of the Paperwork

There may be parts of the car selling process you do enjoy, but what we’re sure we can all agree on is nobody likes handling all of the paperwork and legalities that go along with selling a vehicle, well, except for us! We have an experienced team who will handle all of the finances and paperwork, dealing with the brunt of the work, but keeping you abreast of it all step-by-step so you know exactly what’s going on.


5. Purchase Your Next Vehicle at a Value Price

Perhaps the biggest advantage of selling to a dealership is the literal and figurative location and situation you’ve put yourself in. Once you sell your current vehicle you’re without a vehicle but now with money in tow, and are at a dealership with an extensive inventory of new and used vehicles that can be yours. Instead of selling, perhaps you want to trade in for one of our top quality models using the money you just made from selling your last vehicle. Just like the selling process, we make the trading and buying process just as easy. Set yourself up for an even more affordable next vehicle by trading in to us at Charlesglen Toyota and drive home in your dream vehicle upgrade.


Ready to experience the selling process here at Charlesglen Toyota for yourself? Contact us, today, to begin now, and get your trade-in valued to see how much your vehicle may be worth! We buy used cars, and would love to welcome your vehicle into our extensive inventory.