The Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment on Your Toyota

Side view of Toyota entering wheel alignment check lane

A vehicle with a properly aligned suspension system is vital for safe driving, a long-lasting vehicle and getting the best level of performance out of your trusted Toyota. An improper alignment creates many problems that affect everything from your steering to your suspension system to your fuel efficiency to your tire’s ability to work as they should. A wheel alignment adjusts this suspension system to make sure that all of your vehicles’ tires touch the road at the right angle. Read on with us here at Charlesglen Toyota as we further break down what a wheel alignment is, how to check for one and the dangers of driving with misaligned wheels.

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What is a Wheel Alignment?

As we’ve touched upon, a wheel alignment concerns adjusting your suspension system so that the tires of your Toyota properly touch the road at the exact angle they need to. These angle positions are referred to as the camber, caster and toe.

  • Camber: This angle measures the inward or outward tilt of the tires.
  • Caster: This angle measures the forward or backward tilt of the tires.
  • Toe: This measures the side-to-side distance between the front and rear of your front tires.

Don’t worry if these terms are a bit too technical, our expert service team at Charlesglen Toyota will handle all of the fine detail work, and explain everything you need to know on your next wheel alignment.

Wheel alignment specifications

How to Check if You Need a Wheel Alignment?

You should aim to get a wheel alignment service at least once a year, but should also be on the lookout for signs that you may have to get one earlier than anticipated. There are a few tell-tale signs your vehicle may show that it’s time to book an appointment with us here at Charlesglen Toyota for a wheel alignment. Some of these common signs include: 

  • Pulling: Do you feel like you’re getting pulled to one side of the road or the other? If so, it’s time to come in for a wheel alignment check and service.
  • Shaking & vibrating: Does your vehicle shake or vibrate, compared to when it used to deliver a smooth ride? If so, make an appointment with us, today.
  • Tire wear: Make sure to check your tires regularly, if there’s noticeable wear on the inside or outside edges, this may be a sign of misalignment issues.
  • Steering wheel issues: Is your steering wheel not centered anymore, or when you turn does it not return back to its proper position in a smooth manner? If so, this could be evidence of problems with your alignment.

What Happens if You Drive with Misaligned Wheels?

Now that you know some of the issues that happen when a vehicle has a misalignment, you can understand the many chain reaction effects it has on both your driving and the vehicle itself. Driving a misaligned vehicle means you’re constantly battling its off-kilter nature to help “centre” and “straighten” it, which is not only a safety issue for you but also creates mechanical issues with the vehicle. Resulting from this also creates a negative effect on your fuel efficiency, which in turn can invite even more problems down the road. As you can see, while a slight pull, shake or misaligned wheel may not seem like a big deal, and something you may think you can easily fight against, it creates compounding safety, mechanical, suspension and fuel issues that may only get worse in time without proper service.

Charlesglen Toyota service member talking to customer

Check Your Wheel Alignment & Book Service at Charlesglen Toyota

It’s never been easier and more convenient to get a wheel alignment check than with us here at Charlesglen Toyota. Our Hunter Quick Check Drive tool is a complimentary service we offer each visit, just pull your vehicle through the lane and it will provide a measurement check of your wheel alignment. These results are immediately populated for one of our service advisors at the counter, so you can see what needs to be done, and schedule any needed service. At Charlesglen Toyota, we make it easy to check your vehicle for issues, and resolve them just as quickly.