Why Do You Need Winter Tires for Your Toyota?

a car on a winter terrain with close up of two tires
The winter season is awful in Alberta, as it comes with unexpected amounts of snow, sudden blizzards and roads covered in thick layers of ice. Even in these dreadful winter situations, almost everyone has to go out for work or buy groceries. But. how will you remain safe in such slippery road conditions or on roads covered in a thick blanket of snow? Winter tires can take you a long way (quite literally) because they provide the required traction to help you safely get through challenging, slippery, sloppy road surfaces. Winter tires feature unique characteristics, such as harder grooves, that are thoughtfully designed to bear the harsh winter weather. Read on to learn further the importance of winter tires and where you can find premium-quality snow tires for your Toyota. 

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What are the Benefits of Winter Tires?

A good set of snow tires makes driving safer, seamless and easier in winter. These tires feature deeper threads, mainly made of a high-quality rubber compound that provides great grip and enhanced braking and handling on slippery road surfaces. Moreover, snow tires embrace deeper sips and slits that help in avoiding hydroplaning, as well as improve stability on winter terrains. Besides that, snow tires also:

  • Offer greater flexibility for better traction 
  • Help remain clear of slush, snow and water on the road 
  • Provide optimum safety against slippery black ice-covered roads 
  • Enhanced stopping distance 
  • Promise maximum contact with the road 

Shop For Winter Tires at Charlesglen Toyota 

Now that you know the significance of winter tires, you can shop them here at Charlesglen Toyota, offering the finest quality of genuine winter tires for all makes and models of Toyota. We offer a wide variety of winter tires, ranging from winter performance tires to LT winter tires for every Toyota car, crossover, SUV and pickup truck. If you need help with finding the right tire for your vehicle or have any questions, visit our website or dealership at 7687 – 110 Avenue. N.W. Calgary, AB, today!