Toyota Vehicle Spring Cleaning Checklist

Toyota Camry driving with trees in the background

While you spring clean your home, don’t forget about the second most important purchase in your life, your car! Your Toyota can always benefit from a maintenance check, service and clean, but it’s often hard to carve away time to do it and know when it should be done. The start of spring, as we put winter and its hazards in the rear view mirror, is the perfect time to check in with the health of your Toyota. Follow along with our team here at Charlesglen Toyota as we outline a couple jobs you can check off to get your vehicle ready for the spring driving season.

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Engine System Cleaning: Put Winter Behind You

Winter is tough on your vehicle, not only with the extra dirt, grime and snow that can get caked all over it, but also the extra work that it takes your engine to power you through the tough conditions of the snowy and icy months. This means a lot of build-up can accumulate in your engine, which can affect both performance and efficiency. Our Toyota Combustion & EFI System Cleaner Service is here to clean out those contaminants. As well, our Toyota Genuine Complete Fuel System Cleaner is available to help clean out the deposits that gasoline can leave behind in your engine. For the spring, be sure to have your engine prepped after the lengthy winter months.

A/C Refresh: Get Ready for Summer

Say goodbye to the heat pumping in your vehicle in the winter to keep you warm and say hello to cool air flowing through your vehicle to keep you chill in the hot summer months. An A/C Refresher Service from our Charlesglen Toyota service team will ensure your A/C system is ready to get to work to make sure that there is no build-up and that it can expertly filter out potential contaminants. The ventilation system on your vehicle is incredibly important and should serve to be consistently checked and maintained for constant fresh air.

Sponge cleaning a vehicle wheel

Clean & Detail: Get Your Toyota Looking New

Once you have the all-important internals of your Toyota taken care of, now it’s time to bring it back to its showroom-ready self and knock all of that winter grime off of it. Our Charlesglen Toyota detailing services and tailored packages are perfect for this time of year, treating your vehicle to an intensive clean and detail, inside and out, featuring such jobs as power washing, vacuuming, shampooing, conditioning and more. A trip to the Auto Spa here at Charlesglen Toyota provides top tier professional detailing that will prime it for the new season. We also offer additional services of glass replacement, paintless dent removal, windshield chip repair and more.

Get Service & Detailing at Charlesglen Toyota

No matter the job that needs to be done on your Toyota, from service to detailing, we can get it done for you here at Charlesglen Toyota. Both our service department and AutoSpa technicians are ready and waiting for you, complete with the latest training, tools and technology. Book an appointment, today, with our team and get your valued Toyota ready for fun in spring and summer!