Top 8 Towing Tips for Summer

Here are our top towing tips that you need to know for your summer adventures:

1. Know your numbers! Know what your trailer weighs, what your truck can pull and what your payload rating is.

2. When hooking up your truck and trailer, have a spotter.  Even if you have a back up camera, a second set of eyes is going to make your life a lot easier.

3. When your truck is hooked up, cross your safety chains in an X formation so if something were to happen and your trailer were to disconnect from your truck, it would land on the chains and not be dragging behind you.

4.  When the trailer is hooked up and you plug in your pin, always do a walk around to make sure all your lights are working.  If for some reason your lights are not working, use dielectric grease on the pin to help.

5. If you are pulling anything over 3,500 pounds have an electric brake controller. This is going to help to apply brakes on your trailer so your truck is not doing all the work itself.

6.  If you have a truck with tow haul mode, use it! It will apply an engine brake while you are braking and will help to slow your vehicle down.

7. Drive carefully! Everything takes longer to do when you are pulling anything behind your truck.  Whether it is accelerating or braking, take your time!

8.  Always talk to a professional if you are unsure about anything regarding your truck or trailer.  They are a wealth of information and can help you find what will fit your lifestyle.