Why Do You Need an Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) System Service for Your Toyota?

A toyota technician fixing an engine problem
Your vehicle is built with different systems and parts, each working in sync to give seamless performance. Of all the systems, one of the most important is the electronic fuel injection (EFI), which works efficiently to optimize fuel economy and reduce the amount of contaminants emitted from the exhaust pipe. To ensure your Toyota runs optimally for longer, you need to regularly get the EFI system cleaned by experts like the ones available at Charlesglen Toyota. Read on to learn more about how the EFI system works and the importance of routine maintenance. 

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How Does the Electronic Fuel Injection System Work?

The EFI system efficiently sends fuel from the fuel tank to the engine, keeping the vehicle running smoothly. But over time, under different weather and road conditions, the fuel and combustion system fails to deliver the same performance as it was designed for, consequently affecting the fuel economy and overall performance of your vehicle. This is why the experienced technicians at Charlesglen Toyota recommend routine EFI system maintenance and cleaning. This service not only gets rid of the contaminants from the system but also restores your vehicle’s performance to its optimal level. 

When to Get an EFI Cleaning Service?

Our knowledgeable technicians recommend getting an EFI system cleaning service approximately every 80,00 kilometres. This thorough cleaning service helps eliminate contaminants and deposits from the combustion chamber, fuel injectors and exhaust valves and restores the engine’s performance.

What Are the Top Signs of a Failing EFI System?

Keep an eye on the below common signs that indicate a dirty or clogged electronic fuel injection system:

  • Smoke coming from the tailpipe
  • Poor idling 
  • Difficulty starting the vehicle
  • Reduced engine performance 
  • Reduced fuel economy

Need help cleaning your Toyota’s combustion and electronic fuel injection systems? Trust the highly experienced and knowledgeable technicians at Charlesglen Toyota. Our technicians use only OEM recommendations and the industry’s best practices to fix all your auto problems, ensuring your vehicle remains in top order for longer. Call us, today, at (403) 241-0889 to book an EFI system cleaning service.