What are Safety Recalls & Service Campaigns?

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Here at Charlesglen Toyota, and Toyota at large, we’re committed to ensuring the safe and optimal operation of your vehicle throughout its lifespan. Occasionally, there may come a need to service or replace a part or component on your vehicle that concerns its safe operation. These safety recalls and service campaigns are done free of charge at our dealership, so you can drive rest assured that your Toyota is represented with the highest quality components and safety. Read on below as we outline the different kinds of campaigns that Toyota may conduct, and how to check if your vehicle is affected by a recall.

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Safety Recall Campaign

A Safety Recall Campaign (or SRC) occurs when Toyota deems that a defect or non-compliance with the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard directly relates to vehicle safety in your Toyota, and must be fixed. An SRC will be launched for the specific part or component. Inspection or repair under an SRC will require no charge against the vehicle owner.

Limited Service Campaign

A Limited Service Campaign (or LSC) works a little bit differently than an SRC in that it is an inspection or repair offered to the Toyota vehicle owner for a non-safety-related or technical issue. This LSC will only be offered for a certain limited period of time. While not affecting safe vehicle operation, we still strongly recommend you take advantage of any LSCs that may be out on your vehicle before they expire.

Warranty Enhancement Program

A Warranty Enhancement Program (or WEP) exists to let a Toyota driver know that the warranty coverage on one of their vehicle’s components has been extended, either by time or mileage. These WEPs do have a limit on their time or mileage and may come with special conditions in order to be eligible.

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How to Check if Your Vehicle is Affected by a Recall or Campaign

As the owner of your Toyota, if there ever should be a recall or campaign put out for your specific year and model of vehicle, you will be notified by mail. Along with this notification comes instructions on how to go about getting the service or repair work done. If you’re curious now, or believe you may have missed something, you can easily contact us here at Charlesglen Toyota. Either give us a call, or fill out the “Request Recall” form at the bottom of our dedicated recall check page and we’ll check your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) against recalls and campaigns, then let you know.

Whether checking if your Toyota is affected by a recall or campaign, or actually getting the needed service or part replacement work done, our Charlesglen Toyota dealership is here for all of your recall needs. If you have any questions, or need some assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.