How to Properly Store Your Toyota in Winter

A car covered in snow parked on the roadside
Most car owners often overlook the importance of storing their Toyota properly in winter. Extreme winter conditions can result in moisture buildup in the engine, clog the fuel filters, and block the exhaust pipe, severely affecting your driving abilities and vehicle’s operation. This is why you should park your Toyota car properly and safely when it’s not in use in the winter season. Below are some tips summarized by the industry-trained technicians at Charlesglen Toyota to help you store your vehicle properly in winter, along with the significance of proper vehicle storage in the cold season. Take a look!

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Why is it Important to Store Your Car Properly in Winter?

There are various reasons why you should always store your Toyota vehicle properly in winter, which includes:

  • The moisture from melted snow, winter salt or freezing rains can clog the fuel filter. In fact, in older car models, the fuel tank also gets corroded or rusted due to moisture buildup. 
  • Winter salt or excessive snow can block the exhaust pipe, consequently affecting the vehicle’s overall functioning. 
  • Freezing temperatures may cause difficulty in starting the engine, especially after a heavy snowstorm or a sudden drop in the temperature. 

Winter Car Storage Tips 

  • If possible, always park your Toyota under a covered spot or in the garage to protect it against freezing rain and snow. The moisture from the snow or rain makes the car susceptible to rusting, as well as affects its exteriors. 
  • When parking your car for an extended period in winter, inflate the tires to the maximum, as they tend to lose pressure when they remain stationary for longer. You can also keep a thick wooden plan under the tires to protect them against puncturing. 
  • Properly clean and wax your Toyota for added protection from debris and winter salt. Be sure to wax the bumper, door trims, hood and other chrome surfaces to protect the car’s exterior. 
  • To protect your car’s engine against corrosion, always top up the anti-freeze before parking your vehicle, as it will help regulate the engine when the temperature drops below freezing point. 

For more such care and maintenance tips for your Toyota vehicles, visit Charlesglen Toyota, where our expert technicians can help you retain the optimized performance of your cars, using our OEM recommendations and the best industry practices.