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Tires, wheels and rims are some of the most important parts on your vehicle, and selecting the proper kinds and changing them to the correct options for the season is incredibly crucial. Winter, summer, all-season and light truck tires all have their place on your Toyota, but should be installed, removed and maintained on a consistent yearly schedule to allow your vehicle to perform how it should. Our handy guide below helps you on your way to understanding why changing tires is so important, finding the perfect tires for your Toyota, and what you get out of each tire season type. Read on below, and if you have any further questions, a member of our Tire Centre will gladly help you out!

Why Change Your Tires?

If you treat your Toyota well, it’ll treat you the same back. Doing so means equipping it with the proper tires that will allow it to perform best during the current season, as well as keeping you safe with these precisely constructed tires. Running off-season tires can increase wear, running them down so that you have to replace them more often, something that running the correct tires over the correct season helps maintain them for longer. Different seasons have different demands, Calgary driving shows this time-and-time again each year, so changing your tires is essential for proper vehicle care, to perform how it should for the season and remain safe.

Selecting the Perfect Toyota Tires

It’s vital that you select the right tires for your Toyota for the right season, and our Charlesglen Toyota dealership is here to help you every step of the way. By using steel or aluminum rims, it’s simple to switch out your vehicle’s tires, making it a straightforward job for our experienced service technicians to get you back out on the road on the correct tires in a short amount of time. While you may think you can get away with only swapping out two tires, we strongly recommend installing four tires of the same type, in order to get the proper performance that each tire type was built for. With major tire brands including Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear and many more, we partner with the best brands in Canada to deliver top quality for your vehicle. If you need any help understanding the tire sizes of your vehicle, our knowledgeable staff will help find you everything from replacement to winter tires, to storage assistance.

Winter Tires

We’re putting these first because there’s maybe no more important tire for your Toyota in Calgary than winter tires. Winter lasts a long time around these Alberta parts, and you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, so you need to make sure it’s prepared to handle the elements and able to operate safely, for you and those around you. Winter tires are specifically designed to perform when the snow blows, you hit ice, or the temperatures are especially frigid, allowing your vehicle to perform as it should, while folding in extra security measures thanks to their material and groove designs. As soon as the daily temperatures start dip below 7℃ it’s time to put them on.

Summer Tires

Just like winter tires are made for those extreme cold conditions that Calgary loves to dole out, so are summer tires for the heat. As cold as Calgary can get, it can get equally as hot and you need tires on your Toyota that can hold up to that, as well as the environmental demands of the summer. These tires are made with soft rubber and constructed to be low profile and unobtrusive. Their build quality allows them to be both firm and grip the road for a tight steering response, and helps to shed water to avoid hydroplaning.

All-Season Tires

The majority of Toyota vehicles come originally equipped with all-season tires, giving you a little bit of both worlds of winter and summer tires. While these tires offer solid performance in a variety of road conditions and are able to last a long time, they’re no substitute for the heights that summer and winter tires get in their respective seasons. They might be able to get you further in the summer due to the lesser amount of impediments, but they’re not a suitable option for a true Albertan winter, where only specifically designed winter tires are able to combat the rigors of snow and ice safely.

Light Truck Tires

With so many truck and SUV models in our Toyota lineup it’s only fitting that we have a variation of tires directed specifically at this segment. These tires are made for solid comfort and handling when driving on paved roads, but also hold up when needing that extra bit of traction when off-road. Their all-weather nature allows them to perform highly in a variety of situations, whether the types of road or the weather presented from each season. 

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