Toyota Connected Services in Calgary, AB

Your Toyota is not just a vehicle to take you from one place to another, it’s an integral part of your life that is designed to keep you connected at all times through a suite of smart apps and services. Directly at your fingertips, and by command of your voice, these systems are designed with the driver in mind, from safety to entertainment to navigation. Toyota Connected Services are your comprehensive series of technology that keeps you informed and connected in your Toyota vehicle. Visit Charlesglen Toyota in Calgary to learn about how these systems can change the way you drive your Toyota, across Canada, with added peace of mind and convenience.

Learn More About Connected Services at Charlesglen Toyota

Toyota App

Bring your Toyota to the palm of your hand with the Toyota App, connecting your smartphone to all of the Connected Services by Toyota that easily link you to your vehicle.

Downloading the app lets you easily enroll in the Connected Services systems, with the app allowing you to use both Remote and Service Connect, manage your personal profile along with alerts and reports, and set us, Charlesglen Toyota, as your preferred dealer.

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility is available in most new Toyota models, allowing you to connect your iPhone or Android smartphone to your vehicle to simply utilize your apps and features on your vehicle.

Apple CarPlay

Any iPhone 5 or newer can be plugged into your Toyota’s USB port and any CarPlay compatible apps will be able to be used on the touchscreen. You will then be allowed to use the controlled apps through either the steering wheel or voice command with Siri, so you can control the system while driving in control. CarPlay lets you take your iPhone’s features and use them in your vehicle, like making phone calls, texting, listening to music and navigation. Available on all models except the 2019 Sequoia.

Android Auto

Android Auto introduces a simple interface and larger icons for simple ease of use, while Google Assistant presents voice actions that allow you to control the system through speech. A selection of your favourite music, media and messaging apps are available, along with Google Play Music for your entertainment and Google Maps for the best in navigation.

Remote Connect

Using the Toyota App, Remote Connect lets you control your Toyota vehicle’s functions straight from your phone.

Engine Start/Stop

Only available on automatic transmissions, easily start and stop your vehicle from a distance, perfect for warming it up on a cold Calgary morning or cooling it down on a hot summer day.

Unlock/lock Doors

Already walked away from your vehicle and can’t remember if you locked it? This feature delivers peace of mind and lets you lock it from your phone, or unlock for people closer to the vehicle than you.

Windows/Moonroof Status

Just like checking on the doors’ unlocked/locked status, so can you do the same with the windows and moonroof, making sure they are closed or open.

Last Parked Location

Easily find out where you parked if you forget, which is especially helpful in a busy parking lot or upon your return at an airport.

Guest Driver Settings

Set-up settings for an additional driver, allowing you to be informed through notifications if they exceed any set specifications, like maximum speed and distance from a location. Perfect for new drivers.

Home-To-Vehicle Management

Beyond your phone, keep track of your vehicle from in your house, using Toyota Skill for Amazon Alexa or Toyota Action for Google Assistant.

Smartwatch Compatibility

Don’t fret if you’ve misplaced your phone, you can pair your Toyota App with your compatible Apple Watch or Android Wear device, utilizing such features like engine start/stop and door unlock/lock.

RAV4 Prime Features

The 2021 RAV4 Prime enjoys some of its own unique features, like Remote Climate Start, Charge Management and a Charging Station Map.

Safety Connect

Safety Connect in the Toyota App consists of four main features that ensure a safer drive, and with the ability to access a Toyota agent 24-hours of the day, for whatever happens out on the road. Please ensure that you are properly enrolled and subscribed in the program and features so you can enjoy these Toyota connected services when activated.

Automatic Collision Notification

If you’re in a severe collision that causes the airbags to deploy, this triggers a call to one of our 24/7 agents. The agent will assess the situation with you, but if you’re not able to respond then the agent will contact emergency services immediately. The response agent will contact authorities and notify them of your location, staying on the line until they arrive.

Emergency Assistance

When an emergency occurs, simply press the SOS button. Once this has happened a voice response system will automatically connect you to our Toyota 24/7 Safety Connect response centre. An agent there will help assess the situation and pinpoint your location, then dispatch any needed assistance to you.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

Flat tire? Ran out of fuel? Stuck and need a tow? Press the SOS button and you’ll get connected to a Toyota roadside assistance agent. The agent will find your location through GPS and dispatch the needed roadside assistance services to where you are.

Stolen Vehicle Locator

If your vehicle is missing, we can help you out. First, make sure you file a police report and get the police report number. Contact our 24/7 Toyota Customer Interaction Centre at 1-888-869-6828, select the Roadside Assistance option then supply the incident number. One of our agents will use both cellular and GPS tech to help local authorities find the vehicle.

Service Connect

Ensure your vehicle is always in its best shape, and keep up-to-date on when it needs to be serviced through these Service Connect features.

Vehicle Health Reports

Get monthly reports for your vehicle, covering any current vehicle alerts.

Warning Lights

If any warning light appears on your dash, you’ll get a notification sent directly to your Toyota App, as well as the touchscreen display and it’ll be listed in your month’s vehicle health report.


Sirius XM logo

Get a free 3-month All Access trial to SiriusXM through Connected Services by Toyota. Pump your favourite music, stay up-to-date on the latest news, catch up on sports or have a laugh with one of the comedy channels, all available ad-free. This functionality extends from your vehicle, for you to enjoy on your phone, online and in home. To enjoy further after your trial period, make sure to contact SiriusXM Canada to start a subscription.

Subscription Plans & Pricing

With the wide range of features available through Toyota Connected Services, these apps and services vary depending on model, year and display for what is available and through what type of subscription terms. If you have any questions about the above services, their price, plan or how it works with your Toyota, we’re always available for you at Charlesglen Toyota.

To learn even more about Toyota Connected Services, and the rest of our connected services, as well as its compatibility with your vehicle, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As the Calgary area’s premier Toyota destination, our dealership covers all of your Toyota needs in Canada, from our lineup to service, parts and accessories!

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