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This recommended maintenance schedule may differ from Toyota Canada's suggested intervals based on certain driving habits, specific climactic and regional operating conditions. As per Toyota Canada, Charlesglen Toyota Recommended Services were designed to protect vehicle components from premature wear and ultimately their longevity.

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Other than extra oil changes, is there a difference?
At a glance it looks like oil changes are the only difference however this schedule also recommends drive line fluid changes, EFI Services, Throttle Body cleaning and a number or other items not included in Service 1, 2, 3 schedules.
Technically these services are recommended in the new schedule however they are not as easily accessible to the customer. Often, during a service 3, these services are recommended after by the technician during an inspection. These regular scheduled recommendations have become an ASR in the new service schedule. We prefer to recommend them based on mileage and set the customers expectations before they come in to visit.
Both schedules are within Toyota standards of preventative maintenance schedules. Customers may choose to follow either option.
The Toyota Canada website states “Certain driving habits, and some specific climatic and regional operating conditions may necessitate additional Dealer Recommended Services to protect vehicle components from premature wear and ultimately to increase their longevity”
Your extended care package is designed to follow the “Schedule A” therefore you have 2 options: 1. Follow the schedule A during your ECP coverage and then follow the dealer schedule after your pre-paid services are finished. 2. Follow schedule B however service will arrange billing to ECP for the services covered and provide you quotes for any services not covered under your plan.
Yes of course. Your chosen schedule and service plans are added to your customer and vehicle file. If you would like to change which plan you are on discuss your needs with your Service Advisor.