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You may have found the perfect new Toyota for yourself, but are unsure of the next steps. Financing or leasing? It’s an important question, and one you may be unsure about which direction to go down. There’s advantages to both sides, and it ultimately depends on what you want out of your vehicle and driving experience. Our team here at Charlesglen Toyota has broken down both sides, so you can see if financing or leasing is the best option for your lifestyle. Explore the advantages and differences between financing and leasing below, then get the process started at Charlesglen Toyota!

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Why Choose Financing?

Rear of white Toyota Corolla hatchback

You Drive a Lot:

If you’re one to drive your vehicle a lot and couldn’t work on a kilometre limit, financing allows you to put a lot of mileage on it without worry.
Close-up of person opening trunk of red Toyota Corolla

You Want to Eventually Own Your Vehicle:

If you see a long future with the vehicle you’re interested in and want it to be yours eventually, financing is made to eventually own your vehicle outright.
Front interior of man sitting in driver seat of Toyota Corolla

You Need Your Vehicle for Commercial Use:

If you’re going to be using your vehicle for commercial demand, financing is the best route to satisfy your business needs.

Advantages of Financing a Vehicle

Competitive Rates:

Financing a vehicle through Toyota always means you get exceptional value on your vehicle that’s competitive against other dealer rates.





Basic, Easy-to-Understand Plans:

Payments are made easy for you. Our simple methods include simple-to-understand concepts like paying a day early = being credited a day’s interest, while paying a day late = paying a day’s interest.





Flexible Terms:

You can get terms up to 84 months, and see smaller payments over longer terms. Or, use shorter terms if you’re interested in consistently getting a new Toyota.





High Value:

Financing a Toyota vehicle in general means you’re getting a vehicle known for high quality and world-renowned for their durability.





Why Choose Leasing?

2020 Toyota Corolla in showroom background

You Like Driving the Latest Vehicles:

If you don’t like to be stuck with a model for a long time and like driving the latest Toyota models available, leasing is perfect for you.
Close-up of keys on piece of paper

You Like a Short-Term Commitment:

If you don’t like to get wrapped up in long term commitments, you can enjoy a short-term commitment through leasing.
Side view of red Toyota parked in rain with trunk open and couple behind it

You Want Low Monthly Payments:

If you want lower monthly payments than financing can offer, choose leasing as your route for your next vehicle.

Advantages of Leasing a Vehicle

Flexible Lease Terms:

Leasing a Toyota is flexible, available with terms between 24 – 60 months, able to adapt to the needs of your life, from an expanding family to a new job.





Drive with Peace-of-Mind:

Toyota has you covered, including the Wear Pass Plan that protects your vehicle from pesky wear and tear.





Kilometre Range:

If you only drive so much, leasing is right for you. Choose over 16,000 km, 20,000 km and 24,000 km allowances, with additional kilometres able to be purchased.





Small Business Owner Advantages:

For certain small business owners, you may be able to get tax advantages from operating in Canada. Check to see if there are leasing benefits that can help you and your business.


Apple For Credit with our Charlesglen Toyota Finance Department

Now that you’ve had all the options laid out in front of you, it’s time to get started on developing a financing or leasing plan for your Toyota! If you have any questions, or need further help deciding what route is best for you, our experienced finance team is always here to field your concerns. Starting the process for financing or leasing is simple, and you can do it right now through our online credit application, and get approved quickly!

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