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Toyota Leasing in Calgary, AB

When you have that shiny new Toyota in your sights, there’s a few options for you, either to lease it, finance it or buy it completely. Leasing is a method that everybody’s aware of, but may not know the exact particulars of why it’s such a popular option here in Calgary. A lease is a fixed period agreement where you pay for the ability to drive the vehicle, its maximum kilometres and what the Lease End Value will be at the end of the term. Leasing is a favoured route on Toyotas because it lets customers drive a new vehicle, but without any long-term baggage, and ability to upgrade into an even newer model in the future. This all adds up to less commitment, no service costs over the long-term and not having to worry about selling the vehicle when you’ve had enough. Read on with us at Charlesglen Toyota as we further outline how leasing works, its benefits and how you can lease right here at our dealership.

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Toyota Lease Process: Beginning to End

Choosing Your Lease Term

Flexible is the operative word when it comes to leasing a Toyota. The term is flexible to your needs, where you can choose a term between 24 – 60 months, letting you pick a contracted period that works for you. Should you want to get out of the lease earlier, they’re transferable, allowing you to sell the remainder or transfer it over. Choose from 16,000, 20,000 or 24,000 km per year, along with extra able to be purchased before the lease (or during at an increased rate).



Service & Maintenance

Your service & maintenance costs will be on the low-end, given the new status of the vehicle, but there are many programs and plans you can get for peace-of-mind. A Wear Pass Plan covers you beyond just typical wear and tear throughout the term (with things like cracked windshields and dents in the exterior). This service only adds a small charge per month, a worthy exchange for added protection.



End of Lease

When the term of your lease comes to and end, you’re met with three options:

  • Lease or finance a brand-new Toyota
  • Buy the vehicle for its Lease End Value
  • Return your leased vehicle

If you’re a lease driver and you’ve already been pre-approved for a new vehicle that means you’re also pre-approved for the lease end buyout. Purchasing your vehicle at its lease end equals no credit checks. This entire process has been made to be as simple as possible to make it officially your car.

Benefits of Leasing

Leasing a car gives you all the benefits of owning a brand-new car, but without many of the large-scale risks. We started off by outlining why leasing is so popular for Calgary drivers and its many benefits, but it’s worth it to break them down point-by-point to understand these advantages in full detail.
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Low financial commitment

This umbrella covers many facets, with low monthly payments, ability to transfer the lease simply, no long-term costs, no upfront taxes, and even tax benefits if you’re leasing for business.
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No long-term commitment

Term periods are customizable to your needs, you get many options when it comes to setting up the timeframe and kilometres, and the short-term commitment means you can consistently be in the latest vehicles with the latest in tech and fresh Toyota features.
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Gap Insurance

If your vehicle should be stolen, we’ll take on the gap difference, after you pay the deductible, from what you owe on the rest of the lease and what the insurance settlement demands.

Lease a Car at Charlesglen Toyota

If leasing sounds like the perfect option for you and that new Toyota you have your eyes on, we’d love to help you get started. You now know the ins and out of what leasing offers and its benefits, so now it’s time to formulate your tailored lease plan. Get in touch with us here at Charlesglen Toyota, whether through the form below, by phone or visiting us in person. We look forward to finding the perfect leasing plan for you!

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