Toyota Oil Change in Calgary, AB

Oil Change Services at Charlesglen Toyota

Oil changes are a necessary part of vehicle ownership. Your Toyota follows a Service Schedule recommended by the manufacturer. You can depend on the professionals at our Charlesglen Toota service centre, to provide you with top-notch service in a state-of-the-art facility, loaded with the latest tools and technology. Whether conventional, semi-synthetic or fully synthetic, our certified Toyota service technicians can deal with any motor oil your Toyota or off-make vehicle contains. Our oil change lube service is quick and efficient, done by certified technicians and genuine Toyota parts, so make sure to book your next appointment at Charlesglen Toyota!

Importance of an Oil Change

Your engine is the powerhouse of your vehicle, working hard to deliver all of the performance you desire. That’s a tough job, and your engine needs to be in the best possible shape to provide this high-level output. Engine oil provides the lubrication of its moving parts, so it can operate freely and efficiently. Over time, through all of that intense work, oil breaks down, loses its viscosity and starts to form into a mess of sludge, which lends it incapable of doing its job. That’s where an oil change comes in, to replace that old oil with fresh oil, so your engine can operate as it should. Not doing so invites the possibility of engine damage, overheating and the increased likelihood of wear and tear effects.

How Often Should I Get an Oil Change?

As a Toyota dealership, we encourage you to make a service date every 8,000 km (or every 6 months, whichever comes first) to get your oil changed and to ensure everything is mechanically sound. Of course, we’re all different drivers, so your needed intervals depend on how often you drive and how long you normally drive your vehicle on each trip. Modern vehicles can often stretch longer than previous oil change intervals might’ve required, and we always recommend that you stick to a consistent schedule, like our Toyota manufacturer recommended schedule, ensuring that your vehicle always remains in good shape. Coming to a certified Toyota dealership like ours means we’ll treat your vehicle to the best of the best, through our trained technicians, factory-approved OEM parts and genuine oil.

Why Use Toyota Genuine Motor Oil?

There’s a ton of oil brands out there that you can use, but none that have been specifically formulated to operate in your Toyota quite like our Toyota Genuine Motor Oil. This oil is engineered to meet the high standards of your Toyota’s engine, and remain durable through any season. The fine details truly make the difference when it comes to our genuine Toyota oil for your next service, highlighted by these top features:
Side of a grey Toyota Corolla driving on a bridge over traffic with blurred car lights

Formulated to provide the most optimized performance for your Toyota.

Close-up of 2021 white Toyota C-HR

Protects your Toyota’s engine from energy loss.

2021 red Toyota Highlander parked in a driveway

Helps to prevent the creation and build-up of rust.

Technician putting oil in vehicle

Provides optimal lubrication.

Front side view of a blue Toyota Corolla parked

Guards against any wear between surfaces caused through friction or high temperatures.

How Much Does a Toyota Oil Change Cost in Calgary?

An oil change here at our Charlesglen Toyota dealership starts at a cost of $89.95. Price is subject to change, please contact us for the latest on cost, and for any available special offers.

Book an Oil Change at Charlesglen Toyota

It’s easier than ever for our Calgary, Airdrie and area drivers to schedule their next oil change appointment with us. You can book from the comfort of your home and computer with our online scheduling form. Just fill out your contact and vehicle information and we’ll get back to you to confirm the service appointment. While we have express oil services, in our current times we recommend booking ahead to ensure you are able to be scheduled in properly. Not only do we offer oil change service, but any type of maintenance your Toyota may need, such as auto glass repair, brake service and battery service and even an Auto Spa. Be sure to be on the lookout for any current service or parts special coupons that may make the value of getting serviced with us here at Charlesglen Toyota even more valuable!

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