Paintless Dent Repair in Calgary, AB

Auto Damage, Ding, Dent & Weather Repair at Charlesglen Toyota

Say goodbye to annoying vehicle dent damage thanks to our paintless dent repair (PDR) services here at Charlesglen Toyota! Our PDR process involves our expert team of repair technicians utilizing their countless years in the industry, speciality tools and tried-and-true processes to repair dents from a variety of causes, including accidents, hail damage, door dings and more. Whether your dent is on your door panel, bumper, roof, or you’re just dealing with some unsightly scratches, our repair team is committed to upholding the high level of customer service you expect when visiting Charlesglen Toyota. Read on to learn more about our most popular paintless dent repair jobs, then contact us so we can get to work on fixing your vehicle!

Minor & Major Dent Repair

You can’t always anticipate what will happen out on the road, from minor scuffs and scrapes to major collisions. Luckily, our team here at Charlesglen Toyota has you covered for the big and the small of damage and rent repair needs that your vehicle desires. No matter the dent, our certified technicians can fix it, where minor dents may take a few hours to more serious work that demands a longer stay, or a recommended visit to any of our suggested certified collision centres. Don’t fret should your vehicle receive unsightly dent damage, as the skill, dedication and wherewithal of our Charlesglen Toyota service department is here to restore your vehicle back to its former pre-accident glory.

Weather & Hail Damage Repair

Calgary, and Alberta at-large, are known for wild swings in weather across the year, from blisteringly hot to freezing cold seemingly with the snap of a finger. Even on a daily basis a thunderstorm can come out of nowhere, with damaging hail pelting down along with it. If you aren’t able to shelter your vehicle in time it may be subjected to unfortunate dented hail damage. Depending on the size of the hail and location of the storm you could have large or small dents, and damage on the roof, hood, rear and sides. Trust in our dent service technicians as we have years of experience repairing hail damage of all kinds. An often meticulous process given the amount of damage, it may take up to a few days to fix but rest assured our experts are well-versed in the process, bringing your vehicle back to new.

Door Ding Dent Removal

There are few things worse than coming back out to your vehicle in a parking lot only to spot something that wasn’t there when you left, a pesky door ding from another motorist who parked right beside you. We can help resolve the careless damage done by your fellow lotmate thanks to the recovery work of our door ding technicians. Polishing, massaging and eventual repairing of the door ding are executed in an expert fashion thanks to the many years of experience we’ve had fixing these annoying blemishes on vehicles that have come through our dealership. This service is usually a quicker job than typical PDR work, so we can often get you back out on the road again (hopefully avoiding any more door dings) quicker than most dent repairs

Get Paintless Dent Repair at Charlesglen Toyota

Our service department at Charlesglen Toyota wants the best for your vehicle, that’s why we’re happy to offer paintless dent repair for that most unseemingly damage that may not be that major, but is still an incredible annoyance and eyesore. The team of experts at our dealership have put in years working to repair dents, seeing a variety from all sorts of causes, including auto accidents, weather, human-caused and more. If you have dent damage that you’d like repaired, contact us for more information and to book an appointment for speciality paintless dent repair.

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