Recall Check in Calgary, AB

Recall & Campaign Lookup at Charlesglen Toyota

To see if your vehicle is affected by a recall, all we need is a few pieces of information about you and your vehicle, most importantly its VIN. You can find and check your VIN located on the driver side dash, or inside the driver side front door. You can then enter your VIN on the Toyota Canada recall check page. If you have any questions or require more information about our Toyota recall campaigns, please call us at tel:(403) 241-0889.

Safety Recalls & Service Campaigns

At Charlesglen Toyota, we always want to make sure that you are getting the most from your Toyota, and in a vehicle that’s up-to-date with the latest safety technologies. Occasionally a recall notice is sent out from Toyota, to maintain the high quality standard of your Toyota, where a component needs to be repaired or replaced. You will be notified by mail about these safety recalls and service campaigns, but are always able to check if your vehicle is eligible through our own recall check. If you’re in Calgary and wondering if your Toyota may be affected by a recall, or why we at Toyota so strongly encourage you to get one, read on and contact us below.

Why Get Recall Work Done?

We understand the mindset if there’s a recall out on your vehicle and you aren’t quick to act on it, especially if it doesn’t affect your day-to-day drive, but it’s vitally important that you get it done. There’s a few reasons why you should get a recall completed as soon as possible, for both you, your wallet and for others.
Front side view of Toyota Corolla driving on a winding road next to a body of water


Not only does the recall campaign fix your vehicle and improve your immediate safety, so does it for other drivers on the road, keeping everybody safe.
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Maintaining the value of your vehicle is important, especially if you have eyes on re-selling it in the future, and getting a recall done and keeping your vehicle and its safety up-to-date is an easy way to ensure it maintains its value.
Rear of white Toyota Corolla hatchback driving with trees lining the road

Free Cost:

It doesn’t cost you a thing! Don’t worry about having to shell out to get something fixed by us under the recall, it’s covered by Toyota, completely free for you! Just bring your vehicle down to our dealership and we’ll take it from there.

What are the Different Recall Campaigns?

Front side view of white Toyota Corolla

Safety Recall Campaign

A Safety Recall Campaign is undertaken when under the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Toyota has determined either a defect of non-compliance with a vehicle that directly relates to your safety in said vehicle. The inspection or repair will be done at no charge to the owner under this Safety Campaign.
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Limited Service Campaign

A Toyota Limited Service Campaign is an inspection or repair, at no charge over a limited period of time, to fix a non-safety-related product or technical issue in your Toyota. At Charlesglen Toyota, we encourage every owner who may have one (or multiple) for their vehicle to get it done within the allotted time, even if it’s not directly safety related.
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Warranty Enhancement Program

The Warranty Enhancement Program, as its name would suggest, lets owners know when Toyota has lengthened (through time and/or mileage) the warranty coverage on one of your vehicle’s components. These programs have a mileage or time limit, and have special conditions for eligibility.
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