Toyota Maintenance in Calgary, AB

Auto Maintenance at Charlesglen Toyota

Owning a Toyota promises endless adventures and freedom to explore everything you want while enjoying optimum efficiency, top-tier comfort and seamless performance. To make the most of your Toyota experience, you must take care of it like a baby. This is because, with time, your vehicle’s different parts and systems become inefficient to provide the same performance or power they were designed for. Hence, our highly skilled and experienced auto experts at Charlesglen Toyota strongly recommend getting a routine maintenance service, which not only helps fix the minor and major hiccups in your car but also enables you to get to know your vehicle’s health better. Read on to learn more about the special Toyota maintenance services available at our dealership and what you can expect from a service appointment in Calgary, AB.

Top 3 Toyota Maintenance Services

Though there are many different services available at Charlesglen Toyota — ensuring your Toyota runs efficiently for longer — the ones below are especially important to help you conquer every road confidently and safely, as well as elevate the performance of your Toyota:

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) System Service

With time, especially when you drive your Toyota in different weather/road conditions and locations, the fuel and combustion system of your Toyota can get highly compromised, severely affecting performance and fuel efficiency. To keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently, you must get a combustion and EFI system cleaning service. Our experienced technicians recommend getting this thorough cleaning service every 80,000 km, as it helps the systems get rid of contaminants and deposits, thereby significantly enhancing your Toyota’s performance and fuel efficiency. This service not only improves your driving experience but also helps you save on fuel costs, making it a valuable investment for your Toyota.




A/C Refresher Service

If you love travelling with your friends and family, especially kids, you must regularly take a close look at your car’s ventilation system and air conditioning, ensuring the air they breathe is fresh and free from all contaminants. To do so, get an A/C refresher service at Charlesglen Toyota, where our technicians thoroughly inspect the air conditioning system, check for any leaks/dust buildup and replace any damaged or malfunctioned parts — ensuring everyone aboard enjoys a comfortable and safe journey.




Oil Flush Service

Motor oil helps your vehicle’s systems and parts run smoothly and efficiently. However, over time, the oil in the engine, transmission system, and other moving parts breaks down and becomes susceptible to impurities and contaminants, consequently affecting the vehicle’s performance. That’s when you need an oil flush service, which replaces the contaminated old oil with fresh oil, helping the engine retain its smooth performance.




Bring in Your Toyota for Maintenance at Charlesglen Toyota

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