Wheel Alignment Service in Calgary, AB

Alignment Service at Charlesglen Toyota

The proper alignment of the wheels on your vehicle is crucial for safe driving, even wear, top performance and the best in efficiency. If your vehicle feels off, the steering isn’t what it used to be, or it pulls to one side, it may be time for a front-end and back-end alignment. Explore the importance of a wheel alignment, its benefits and signs it’s time to see us. At Charlesglen Toyota, our tire & alignment service shop is happy to provide a free alignment check with our Hunter Quick Check Drive machine, and top-level alignment service procedures to fix any misalignments!

What is the Purpose of a Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment ensures that your wheels are properly situated, parallel toward each other and perpendicular toward the ground. This service keeps your vehicle running in the best and most efficient manner possible, promoting even wear, safe driving and better efficiency. Conversely, when your wheels aren’t properly aligned they will wear unevenly and can lead to further issues regarding the steering and suspension. Proper wheel alignment is all about angles, with the camber measuring the offset perpendicular degree to the road, caster being the angle of the wheel’s pivot on the suspension and the toe, which is the directional difference of the tire and centreline of your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment Benefits

If your Toyota has properly aligned wheels they will all evenly touch the road at the same time, and be pointed as they should. This general Toyota maintenance assists in reducing worse problems in the future for your vehicle, and can help you avoid costly repairs. It may be a straight-forward service, but it has long-standing benefits on your everyday drive, and into the future. Some highlighted car alignment benefits include:

  • Ensures your tires wear more evenly
  • Reduces wear on your vehicle’s front suspension
  • Makes driving and handling more easy
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Promotes an overall more safe drive

Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

It may be a big impact, or just the factors of your daily commuting adding up that throw your vehicle out of alignment. There’s a few things you can look out for on your vehicle for when it’s time to come see us at Charlesglen Toyota for a full tire alignment:

  • You notice your vehicle pulls to one side
  • Steering is off-centre
  • Your tires are wearing unevenly
  • Your steering wheel vibrates
  • Steering does not feel stable
  • New tires or suspensions parts installed
  • Fuel efficiency has gotten worse
  • Minor or major accidents

Schedule Service

Our Hunter Quick Check Drive alignment tool allows us to provide you a convenient complimentary alignment check with every visit. This handy system takes a measurement of your wheel alignment from toe to toe and camber and caster. All of this info is provided quickly to our service counter where you’ll be able to discuss it with one of our service advisors, and if anything needs to be done about it. Wheel alignment checks and service are important, and our certified technicians are trained with the best tools and technology to fix any issues. Contact us now for more information, come in for your free car wheel alignment check or schedule service now to get your 4 or 2 wheel alignment appointment!

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